Package org.finetracker

Interface Summary
DistanceCalculation This interface specifies the method to calculate the distance between two vectors.

Class Summary
AvgSquareDist This class implements the normalized Euclidean distance calculation between two vectors.
Configuration The Configuration class takes care of the configuration of the application.
ConfigurationFromCmd This class parses the command line arguments, and stores them in two data structures.
DistanceCalculationLoader This class loads classes that implement the DistanceCalculation interface.
FeatureVector This class represents a FeatureVector.
Hypotheses The Hypotheses class contains all Hypothesis-objects that have survived the previous iteration of the Viterbi-algorithm.
Hypothesis This class contains an hypothesis as part of the Viterbi algorithm.
HypothesisComparator Compares two Hypothesis objects on the basis of score and path taken in the lexicon.
InputIterator This class reads FeatureVectors from file or stdin.
IteratorComparator<T extends Comparable<T>,E extends Iterable<T>> Generic class which compares two Iterable objects, which may be lists, sets, collections, arrays, etc.
Lexicon The class containing the lexicon.
LMExtension LanuageModel-penalties are stored in the Lexicon-tree, each Node contains some fields which are maintained by this class.
Main This is the main application class.
Node This class represents a node in the lexicon.
Util A utility class.
Word A word as read from the lexicon file.